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Part 18. Message from Mum

I have an Army and some members are literally by my side whether in person or virtually every single day. None more so than mum and dad, who would and have done anything they can to help me as i plough through this. Mum would literally take this cancer if she could. Jeeez she’s even had sympathy pains! This is us in carefree times a few years a go when my underarms never got to see the sun. I love my mum and dad – my friends and protectors – so bloody much.


Alongside Emma’s amazing friends and the immediate and extended family who continue to do so much for Emma, there is a supporting cast comprising friends of Ray and Jenny. Some of these people didn’t know Emma before her diagnosis, some knew her a little, some pretty well, some have known her since she was a baby and some have still not met her.

Aside from all the regular messages of support and love to Jenny and Ray and the encouragement offered to Emma via Facebook, her blog, letters and cards, some of them have made massive efforts for her. They have given freely of their time, their talents and their money to help her through this. To help a person who, in some cases, they didn’t/don’t even know! The following people are named and thanked for their huge kindness while Em has been going through this, simply because they have gone beyond what we would have expected in terms of kindness and support:

Vicky, Tracey, Janis and Catherine for buying an oncology massage for Emma and one for Jenny. Catherine for spending two days completely transforming Emma’s garden with a team of volunteers none of whom has ever met Emma.
Peter for giving his time to provide regular healing yoga sessions for Emma.
Zoe for her wonderful kindness giving Emma treatments using essential oils.
Chris for sewing beautiful cushions for Emma to rest on, post surgery. Cathy for buying Emma a lavender pillow and weekly tulips for Jenny. Jenny for offering face yoga sessions. Pat for his offer of a holiday house for Ray, Jenny and Emma.
Kim for her kind offer of a beautiful cottage on wittering beach for the family.
Sanna, for her amazing home made soups. Kate for copies of her books.

Then there is the relentless support from Jenny and Ray’s own ‘army’ of wonderful friends. Phone calls, dinners, cuddles, cards, messages of encouragement, offers of breaks away, flowers, coffee, 2 hour long counselling sessions (JP and MP), and the rest.

Thank you. It’s hard to know what to say when faced with such unconditional kindness. Just thank you. You will never know how much this means because it’s impossible to find the words, but it is helping us all so much.

Jenny xxxx

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