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Part 32. Marie.



We greet each other like acquaintances of old, as I walk in to bay 3, curtain drawn.

She’s in her 60s at a guess, has grown up kids and likes to binge Netflix. She’s kind and her needle never hurts. She remembers me despite it being every 4 weeks and it not always being her that takes my blood.

We talk mental health and looking after yourself. I laugh as she compliments my short curls. We discuss staying up way too late because you just can’t stop watching that show. She says she likes to read on the bus. All this in our 3 minutes every 4 weeks.

Marie is familiar. She’s a woman who appreciates one of her hundreds of patients taking time to know a little about her. She recognises that every one of us, patients and clinicians, have a story; have stuff going on.

Marie is human. I’ll probably never really know her, but she’s someone I look forward to seeing because she sees me.

Thank you Marie.

Knight. DOB 16/08/74.

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